Beth (dontialways) wrote in rejctdnonuglies,
rejctdnonuglies I was rejected by nonuglies (very mean people), only_skin_deep, and awaiting another from thecuties...guess no one thinks I'm either cute nor "hot" but I don't really think I'm that bad looking...!
So I guess I'll try this comm...hopefully it'll turn out to be a really neat and nice place to be a member of. lol.

I'm Beth. I'm 24 and have to let you know most my pics have my girls in them. Sorry about that. They tend to show up in the pictures...everytime...heh.

The new hair color...went horribly aray. lol.

My eldest Seneca and's sunny and I look pissed...but I'm not, really.

My newest addition Serafina and I. Pardon the lovely hospitial atire. So sexy. lol.

I swear they do have clothes...but summertime here is hell.
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